Ever Wondered What Makes Men Feel Sexy?

5. Stunting On The ‘Gram


Whether folks admit it or not, social validation can be just as important as physical. While a good lifting day spikes endorphins through physical work, interacting with others through social media can chemically lift your mood too! “I know it sounds shallow, but Instagram likes always make feel desirable,” one guy confessed.

4. Love On The Brain

Understanding Relationships

Think all guys are only interested in physical connections? Think again! Everyone likes feeling as though they have met someone who is on their wavelength. One man confirmed that meeting a kindred spirit actually helps him feel more confident in himself too: “Aren’t we all just trying to be understood anyway?”

3. All The Small Things

Her Aspiration

We all know the age-old trope of girlfriends wishing their sweethearts would notice their new hairdos or outfit changes. We all like feeling like our efforts are appreciated, and that goes for men too. “It makes my whole day when my fiancee notices that I changed my hair or put on a nice shirt,” one guy confessed.

Aw, how sweet! Read on to hear more surprising confessions from men embracing their sensitive sides…

2. Everybody Hurts

The Fashion Junkies

Thanks to some of society’s more pesky stigmas, your guy might not always get to release his true feelings when he is with the boys. Making sure he knows it’s okay to be stressed or upset and offering a listening ear can make all the difference. After all, no one should feel ashamed for needing to vent.

1. Comparison Is A No-No


One may think to compare your looks to others is strictly a ladies game, but in reality, it is just human nature. Even if your man is world-renowned for his chill attitude, why not do your best to make it easier? Avoid pointing out what you like about other guys’ looks.