Ever Wondered What Makes Men Feel Sexy?

There have been countless studies, polls, reports, and articles about what makes women feel beautiful. The importance of self-confidence in ladies has been approached and reinforced from every angle. Have you ever wondered what a man’s perspective on self-esteem might be like? After all, everyone deserves to feel attractive. Listen to these real confessions from real guys about what secretly makes them feel sexy.

10. Snap Back

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While a good hair day or feeling notably in shape might do it for some, for others, it’s all about results. “These days, getting a quick response from a cute girl to a selfie on my Snapchat story is what usually does it for me,” said 25-year-old Matt.

9. Taking Care Of Business

Gene Smart

For Alex, feeling sexy and confident must first come from an internal sense of having it together. “For me, I have to think about feeling myself before I think about what women think,” said Alex, “Even just cleaning up my space or cooking a good meal makes me feel great.”

8. Guys Like Cuddles Too


Who doesn’t like snuggling up to a cute person? While some may not admit it, one man confirmed that cuddles are the secret to boosting his mood. “One thing that always makes me feel really desired is someone initiating cuddles or somehow getting closer to me,” said the college student.

He’s not the only guy who liked when ladies tke charge. Read on to see what others had to say…

7. Take The Lead

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Not every guy feels confident being the one to have to approach ladies first. After all, nobody likes the possibility of rejection. One man suggested turning the old-school tradition on its head: “I love when women notice and express an interest in me first. It makes me feel like I seem approachable.”

6. Putting In Work

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Exercise has been scientifically proven to boost endorphin flow, making active folks of all genders feel happier, more alert, and yes, even sexier. For men, the testosterone spike acts as an added bonus. “When I get a really good workout in, I feel more confident and productive all day,” one fitness-loving guy said.

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