Entire Town Plans Last Minute Graduation And Wedding For Dying Man

We always hear about how long it takes to organize a wedding. From booking the DJ to speaking to all of the vendors, but is that really what a wedding is all about? When it comes down to throwing the perfect wedding, it should really highlight the couple and their loved ones.

One Nebraska town was able to bypass all of the unnecessary fuss to give one dying man his sole wish, which was to see his daughter get married. Read on about how Dr. Dan Harrahill, a father of four, got to have his final wish come true thanks to the cleverness of one small community.

Think this is an impossible task? Click slide 10 to see how it all began.

10. A Doctor Who Touched A Community

Dr. Harrahill touched many people throughout his life as an obstetrician. When Dan Harrahill passed away, hundreds upon hundreds of people from the close-knit community left messages on the Facebook group dedicated to his memory. It’s easy to see that those who celebrated his life cherished him when he was still here.

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