Emergency Codes You Hear Over Loudspeakers And What They Mean

Have you ever heard the voice of an official in law enforcement, on board a cruise, or in an airport come over the loudspeaker and ramble some random words and numbers? Have you ever wondered what those seemingly random combinations of letters, numbers, and words mean?

Each code means something completely different and, for the most part, people have absolutely no clue what they mean. The veil has been lifted and we will present you with 10 emergency codes you were probably never meant to know. The next time you hear them in public you will be able to share with your fellow citizens some information about what is happening.

10. Walmart Codes

Walmart was one of the first retailers to develop a system of codes in their stores. It’s important to distinguish the difference between a bomb threat “Code Blue” and a wet spill “Code 10” to ensure you’re in panic mode at the right time. If you meet people on Tinder or Match.com you should probably head over to #9!