Dukes Of Hazzard Cast Then And Now Shows A Dramatic Shift

The Dukes of Hazzard was one of America’s best-loved shows back in the late 70s and early 80s. Part of its popularity was down to the attractiveness of some of the cast and unusual looks of the rest.


But how have the actors braved the test of time? Are they still smoking hot or more smoking pot? Let’s take a look at 6 favorites from the cast and see what they looked like back then and how they’re bearing up today. You won’t believe your eyes in some cases – the change in appearance is so dramatic.

12. Daisy Duke – Then

Possibly the most memorable member of the cast for their good looks, Daisy Duke (played by Catherine Bach) inspired a million men to watch the series and a million women to wonder what they would look like in cut-off jeans shorts. Her look was designed by Catherine Bach herself and the shorts would be known as “Daisy Dukes” for years to come.

11. Catherine Bach – Now

Catherine Bach is still acting and appears on TV and in movies fairly regularly even today. However, she still makes quite a bit of her income from Daisy Duke, and runs a jewelry brand called (wait for it) “Daisy Dukes” online. She regularly attends fan events and conventions for Dukes of Hazzard.

10. Bo Duke – Then

John Schneider took the part of Bo Duke and it was his big break after he’d appeared in minor parts previously (including a walk-on role in Smokey and the Bandit). He’d always been a fan of cowboys in the movies and that’s the style he brought to Bo Duke.

9. John Schneider – Now

John continued on an upward trajectory in his career and has starred in many TV shows over the years. He was opposite Jane Seymour in Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, took time out with Superman in Smallville and even appeared in the smash hit show Desperate Housewives. He’s also a country music star.