Donald Trump’s Shocking Dating History

#8 Ingrid Seynhaeve

011--8-ingrid-seynhaeve-269319The two never officially confirmed their relationship and it only ever remained a rumor that they two had any sort of relationship in the beginning. There seems to be a trend with Donald and his “girlfriends.” He did, however, later use her in an advertisement that promoted his Atlantic City Casino. Perhaps she is to blame for the business’s failure?

#7 Kara Young

012--7-kara-young-269321Kara and Donald found themselves in quite the confusing love triangle at one point. When they were dating in 2001, TV personality A.J. Benza claimed to be dating Kara while on the Howard Stern Show. Donald Trump actually called into the show to inform him that he was actually the one dating Kara.

#6 Kara Young

013--6-kara-young-269323The whole debacle was pretty embarrassing for them all, but Kara did state that she was, in fact, dating Donald Trump. The two didn’t date for long, however, and never went on to be anything serious. But the embarrassing phone call still exists as a reminder of what was once, and what could have been.

#5 Jackie Siegel

014--5-jackie-siegel-996ec9e31f752c82f92add2fbe1bae40Jackie Siegel and Donald Trump were never seen together in public dating, but in 2013, she admitted that they had gone on a couple of dates in the past. The two obviously never had anything serious, but the former beauty pageant director had nothing but nice things to say about her ex-fling! That is a bit surprising to us.

#4 Carla Bruni

015--4-carla-bruni--269327Donald Trump was just one of many rich and famous men on Carla’s long list of ex-lovers. Trump seems to have nothing but nice things to say about the model nowadays. He claims that she was desperately stuck on her ex, Mick Jagger and that after a certain point she became intolerable. I mean, who easily gets over Mick Jagger?