Donald Trump’s Shocking Dating History

#13 A Baby Was On The Way

006--13-a-baby-was-on-the-way-269309Marla soon found out that she was, in fact, pregnant with Donald’s daughter Tiffany. Just a couple months after giving birth to their daughter, Marla and Donald decided to get married. It didn’t last long, however, and they soon divorced, leading to Donald being back on the market as a billionaire bachelor. You would think for a man with all this money, he wouldn’t hop into these marriages so quickly.

#12 Allison Giannini

007--12-allison-giannini--269311Allison Giannini was a young model when she met Donald. She was only 27 when a friend set her up on a blind date. Her date turned out to be the newly single, and 50-year-old, Donald Trump. The two only went on a couple of dates together and never actually had a serious or public relationship.

#11 Rowanne Brewer

008--11-rowanne-brewer-269313Rowanne Brewer was Donald’s next public romance. He and the model dated for quite some time but never actually tied the knot. They allegedly split because Rowanne was more interested in becoming an actress, and desired to move to Los Angelos instead of New York City to try and make it big. Something tells me staying in a relationship with Donald would have helped her cause a bit more.

#10 Rowanne Brewer

009--10-rowanne-brewer-b9c6c998869c6b7265df4392258de550Rowanne never had a spotlight on the big screen, that is, until this year, when she went on TV to defend the presumptive Republican nominee. She stated that he treated women well and didn’t really have anything negative to say about him. We wonder what might have happened if they had ended up together.

#9 Ingrid Seynhaeve

010--9-ingrid-seynhaeve-269566Ingrid denied ever having a relationship with Donald for a while, as most of his alleged girlfriends do, but many doubted her allegations. The two met when Donald was judging a modeling competition. Funny, I wonder what qualifies him to be a judge of women’s bodies? He’ll probably use that skill a lot in the White House…