Donald Trump’s Shocking Dating History

FeaturedTrumpDonald Trump is… Where do we even start with this guy? Before Donald Trump was busy making people angry on the news, he was mostly just known for being rich. To many, that’s all he’ll ever be, and to some, he’s their personal hero. Donald Trump is a unique presidential candidate, as we’ve been able to see his life in the spotlight before he ever knew he’d run to be the leader of the country. This means that we get an inside look at his past dates, hook ups, and relationships. Some of them we remember, but others we had no idea they dated! Click through to see who is in Donald Trump’s past love life.

#18 He’s A Ladies Man

001--18-he-s-a-ladies-man-269299Some say Donald Trump hates women, but he’s made it pretty clear that he, in fact, loves them. However, he doesn’t love them in the way that a presidential candidate should. Most of his previous lovers are models and actresses so he’s also made it pretty clear he cares a lot about the way a woman looks.

#17 Ivana Trump

002--17-ivana-trump-945b0c7f88ca123acae5cef1fa9254efIvana Trump was Donald’s very first wife. They remained married for over 15 years and had three beautiful children together. It’s no wonder because Ivana is a total babe. In their time, they were the couple to envy. It seemed as though the two lovers had everything. But like most good things, it eventually came to an end.

#16 Rumors Split Them

003--16-rumors-split-them-7dbc475d0d7af3fb3ac8dab16b9cd938There seemed to be a pretty big wedge in the relationship once rumors started to surface that Donald was having an affair with Marla Maples. The two women had a pretty heated public confrontation, and Ivana soon filed for divorce from Donald after the debacle had ended. They still remain civil and share 8 grandchildren together.

#15 Did He Date Anna Nicole?

004--15-did-he-date-anna-nicole--269305After his very public breakup, many expected Donald to run into the arms of his alleged lover. Instead, rumors started to fly that he was actually sleeping with model Anna Nicole Smith. The two never actually confirmed that they were together, although they were often spotted in public places together. If you ask Donald, though, he would probably say they dated.

#14 Marla Maples

005--14-marla-maples-97e7a33aca2de7ea124dfe91d3704caaAlthough he had an alleged fling with Anna Nicole, it wasn’t soon until he was together with his mistress, Marla Maples. The two dated for a couple years without getting married right away. It seems Donald was taking things a bit slow at first. But something happened that soon would change his mind on the status of the relationship.