Donald Trump’s Shocking Dating History


Donald Trump is… Where do we even start with this guy? Before Donald Trump was busy making people angry on the news, he was mostly just known for being rich. To many, that’s all he’ll ever be, and to some, he’s their personal hero. Donald Trump is a unique presidential candidate, as we’ve been able to see his life in the spotlight before he ever knew he’d run to be the leader of the country. This means that we get an inside look at his past dates, hook ups, and relationships. Some of them we remember, but others we had no idea they dated! Click through to see who is in Donald Trump’s past love life.

#18 He’s A Ladies Man

001--18-he-s-a-ladies-man-269299Some say Donald Trump hates women, but he’s made it pretty clear that he, in fact, loves them. However, he doesn’t love them in the way that a presidential candidate should. Most of his previous lovers are models and actresses so he’s also made it pretty clear he cares a lot about the way a woman looks.