This Dog Trapped In Dangerous Rapids Is A Goner Until A Yellow Lab Steps In

People really love their dog,s and it’s not for nothing that dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. So imagine the terror of thinking that your dog was going to drown.

That’s what happened to one Argentinian recently when he was out walking his pet dogs. A slight accident during play and one of his dogs was plunged into mortal danger.

Yet, all was not lost. While a dog may be a man’s best friend, it may also be another dog’s best friend too. You won’t believe what happened when the pet owner’s other dog decided to intervene.

10. Rivers Can Be Deceptive

Water holds a real pull on man and animals. It’s a source of food, drink and it can be used for hygienic purposes too. Yet, it can be deceptive. While many visits to a river will pass without the slightest incident, the current and power of a river should never be underestimated.