This Dog Was Near Death, But Made An Incredible Transformation You Won’t Believe

#6 Wrapping Her Up

007-6-wrapping-her-up-873974They carefully cleaned Muriel’s wounds using antiseptic, and then gave her several sets of stitches. Finally, they wrapped her head wound up with gauze and gave her some medication for the pain she was undoubtedly feeling. After all this medical attention, though, all Muriel wanted was a little rest…

#5 Yummy!

008-5-yummy-873993Because Muriel was so malnourished, she had to be started on a liquid diet. This allowed her to start gaining weight in a safe way that wouldn’t shock her system too badly. After a few weeks, though, she was happily munching on crunchy kibble like any other normal dog!

#4 A Little Rest

009-4-a-little-rest-874011Even though she needed constant supervision by the shelter staff, Muriel was able to get some quality sleep in. Because her body had been so damaged and abused, she was weak and exhausted. Shelter staff only woke her up when it was time for a meal. Other than that, she got to catch up on her sleep.

#3 Lots of Work

010-3-lots-of-work-874025After catching up on sleep and getting some meat on her bones, it was time for Muriel to begin her own version of physical and psychological therapy. She was incredibly distrusting of all humans, and needed to work on regaining the strength in her legs. But, it all paid off…

#2 Feeling Better

011-2-feeling-better-874035Within a few weeks of therapy, Muriel was walking again. In addition, she was being affectionate and loving towards her caregivers. She quickly became a favorite with the staff who loved to spend their breaks taking her on walks. Still, it was time for her to find a new — and permanent — home…