This Dog Was Near Death, But Made An Incredible Transformation You Won’t Believe

Have you ever been to an animal shelter? With all those sad-looking dogs and cats staring at you, it’s pretty difficult to go home without adopting a new pet. Most people know exactly what that feels like, but they have no idea how much the shelter staff does to get animals ready for adoption.

Follow along as we tell the story of Muriel… a sweet doggy whose old owners left her a little worse for wear. Just a heads up, though — you may want to get the tissues ready! Her story with shock you and upset you, but also warm your heart.


#12 What’s That?

001-12-what-s-that-873841Last year in Pakistan, animal rescue crews were called to a neighborhood where residents had repeatedly reported seeing a wounded dog lying in the bushes. She was whimpering and clearly hurt. Even worse, she had swollen nipples — that means she had recently given birth. Sadly, her puppies were nowhere to be found.

#11 Calling For Help

002-11-calling-for-help-873869When animal rescue crews arrived on the scene, they had no idea as to if they would be finding this dog dead or alive. The neighbors’ reports had been all over the place. Some said the dog was already dead, while others seemed to think she was suffering from a thorn in her paw.

#10 Somebody Help Her!

003-10-somebody-help-her-873893What the rescuers found, though, was far worse than anything they could have expected. The dog, whom they named Muriel, had a large gash in her head, a case of paralysis so severe that she couldn’t move her hind legs, and was so severely malnourished that she had to be started on an all liquid diet!


#9 Off To The Shelter

004-9-off-to-the-shelter-873916They immediately loaded Muriel up in their van and began the process of relocating her to an animal shelter in the area. She was too weak to walk, so the rescue crew members wrapped her in a towel and carefully moved her into the vehicle. To say they were gentle would be the understatement of the century.

#8 Too Weak To Move

005-8-too-weak-to-move-873938Shelter staff immediately assessed Muriel. They discovered that she was completely unable to move her legs. This was partly due to damage to her spinal cord that took place while giving birth, but also because she was incredibly underweight and malnourished. Clearly, this little girl had A LOT of healing ahead of her.

#7 Ouch!

006-7-ouch-873962The worst of Muriel’s injuries, though, involved her head. She had a four-inch long gash right next to her left ear. It was severely infected, and looked like it was caused by an axe. Who on earth could bring themselves to swing an axe at a sweet doggy’s head?