Doctors Treating This Wounded Elephant Found Something Amazing

Animals are simply amazing. While most humans are “roughly” the same size, animals can run the gamut. There are tiny little things like mice and massive things like elephants. Today, we will be looking at the latter of those two animals. Recently, the Bumi Hills Foundation in Zimbabwe received quite a strange patient that came walking in — a giant and wounded elephant. This elephant had made a long and painstaking journey and how it ended up where he did was simply strange. No one knows how or why this elephant made its journey, but read on to see more about it.

#12 Strange Walk-In001--12-strange-walk-in-509541

Somehow, this elephant managed to get all the way to a conservation foundation in Zimbabwe despite a pretty bad injury to its left shoulder. As you can imagine, the staff were extremely surprised to see a massive elephant on their doorstep, out of nowhere, that came in as a walk-in patient!


#11 How Animals Manage Their Pain002--11-how-animals-manage-their-pain-509548

When most animals are hurt or wounded, they will try to manage the pain on their own. The last thing they would want to do is leave their water source and comfortability. But despite this, the large elephant (later named “Ben”) did just that when he went and wandered out of the bush.

#10 Luck or Instinct?003--10-luck-or-instinct--509585

The staffers at the foundation were extremely shocked when Ben the elephant showed up on the doorstep. Just how did this elephant know where to go? It’s hard to say whether Ben simply got lucky on his search, or whether he had some kind of instinct that told him exactly where he should go.

#9 Quite the Miracle004--9-quite-the-miracle-509589

People at the foundation were extremely shocked that Ben was even able to get there. Somehow, the giant bull elephant was able to climb up to the lodge, which is located on a very steep hill. This would’ve been a tough climb for a healthy elephant, let alone one with a hurt shoulder.

#8 This Guy Covered A Lot of Distancefeatured-image

The spot where the elephant was first seen was on a high ridge, which was obviously not where he began. This elephant taking such an amazing walk simply defies logic, as most injured animals would decide to stay on the level ground, and near a water source. But this animal decided to a take a chance, and it paid off.