Doctors Didn’t Think This Little Boy Would Make It – Until He Met His Therapy Dog And Everything Changed

There are many stories about a boy and his dog, but this one is exceptional. Caleb Howard, a little boy of only seven-years-old, was involved in a horrific car accident. The devastating car crash left Caleb with a major injury to his brain.


After the crash, Caleb’s family worried that he would never be the same, until his therapy dog came along and changed everything. The family desperately sought out a solution to help Caleb recover, and that’s when they found their miracle dog named “Colonel.”

Colonel is a special therapy dog. Within in a short period of time, Caleb began to positively respond to his special pet. Click through to see his amazing recovery!

12. When Tragedy Strikes

Caleb came close to death in this tragic car crash. It was summer of 2007 when Caleb’s mom was driving along Highway 89 in Utah. She was with four of her children when an oncoming truck hit them head on. Unfortunately, the driver of the truck had fallen asleep behind the wheel.

11. The Tragedy Continues

Sadly, the head-on impact flipped the car over, killing Caleb’s mom and Caleb’s brother, Matthew. Unfortunately, Caleb’s sister Esther also died later on in the hospital. Somehow, Caleb and his older sister Rachel were able to survive the horrific crash. Ben Howard, Caleb’s dad and Caleb’s step-brother, were not in the vehicle at the time.

10. Surviving But Not Yet Thriving

Caleb survived the crash, but unfortunately, he suffered traumatic brain injury. Of course, this was of the utmost concern. The severity of the head-on impact was such that millions and millions of his brain cells were killed off. Experts were concerned with the severity of the trauma and, of course, so was his family.

9. Holding Out Hope

No one could tell if Caleb would recover or if he would even make it through at all. Progress was difficult to estimate and it was uncertain at best. Caleb’s dad even had his concerns and fears and, at times, wasn’t very hopeful about his son’s recovery.