Most Disgusting Things Doctors Ever Removed From Someone’s Body

People are amazing. Their bodies can handle all kinds of abuse without complaint. Ask any ER clinic, they will be happy to tell you that a small but consistent percentage of their work involves removing things from people’s bodies that should never have been there in the first place.

The 10 people on our list, however, have far exceeded the coin swallowing toddler. The things that they managed to put inside themselves will blow your mind. They’ll also make you very glad indeed that you don’t work as a surgeon. This is what those guys have to put up with to earn their pay and it’s not pretty.

10. An Eel Which Was Eating A Man’s Intestines


Sure, worms and flukes are all in a day’s work for the medical profession, but eels?

Surgeons in Guangdong in China x-rayed a man complaining of pain in the abdomen. They’d assumed it was an appendix problem but it turned out to be a live eel. The man had been reenacting a scene from an adult movie and lost the eel up there.

The eel had been there so long that it started eating his intestines.