This Discovered Camera Shows Never Before Seen Photos From The Vietnam War

The Vietnam war was an armed conflict that took place over a period of 20 years from 1955 to 1975. This war led to the deaths of anywhere from 1 to 4 million people from all across the world. Unfortunately, most of those killed in the conflict were civilians. Despite the fact that many believed it was a pointless war to get involved with in the first place, it happened, and we have some new photos that show a different side of the conflict. Here are 12 photos you have likely never seen from the lengthy war in Vietnam, with the 8th entry being particularly interesting.


#12 Range Of Emotions

001--12-range-of-emotions-634010This photo demonstrates the various different states and emotions one can go through during a battle in the war. There are people rejoicing, people breathing a sigh of relief, people helping each other out to safety and even a person writhing on the floor in pain. This sight was all too common during the war.



#11 Collateral Damage

002--11-collateral-damage-634144Unfortunately in a war like this, it isn’t only soldiers on each side that become involved. Collateral damage is often huge, and countless civilians are often harmed, have their homes destroyed and are left to fend for themselves. Whether they were on the Viet Cong’s side or not, no one deserves things like that to happen to them.


#10 Chopper Down

003--10-chopper-down-634186The American side of the battle often had the technological advantage over the Viet Cong, who largely resided on guerilla warfare and surprise. This photo showed the American side using this technological advantage to drop troops in enemy territory. Unfortunately, these drop-offs were times when numerous helicopters were destroyed by enemies.

#9 Children Come First

004--9-children-come-first-634221Despite it being a war zone and soldiers being tasked with killing enemies, they are still humans. When children are near the battle zone, soldiers would do their best to make sure they were out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, with the battle taking place around the country, children and other innocent bystanders were often caught in the middle of the battle.


#8 Stay Low

005--8-stay-low-634302In a war like this, utilizing the prone position was paramount to success, especially when choppers were flying so low. Staying low and stealthy was very important in Vietnam because of the sheer amount of enemy soldiers that could ambush American forces at any time. These choppers were often sent ahead to check for enemies.


#7 Helicopters In Line

006--7-helicopters-in-line-634324War is definitely hell, but it can bring out some interesting photos like this one. These helicopters are all coming in for a safe landing on a road. During the war, it was often tough to find a safe spot to land. Helicopters often used to deliver food, equipment and more to soldiers.

#6 Leaf Faucet

007--6-leaf-faucet-634371But even though supplies were often provided, sometimes the soldiers had to get creative and fend for themselves. Water is the most necessary supply of all, and thankfully finding it in Vietnam was not tough. They even used a little trick that you can use when you are out and about and need water. When it rains, find a leaf, and the water will run off the leaf just like a faucet.


#5 Trench Warfare

008--5-trench-warfare-634407This is the harsh reality of what fighting a war in the trenches looks like. Most of the time, these trenches were the only cover from the oncoming enemy gunfire. Thousands of bullets being flung over your head would never be easy, but thankfully, these trenches offered up at least a bit of protection.


#4 The Tank

009--4-the-tank-634472On top of the helicopter, which we mentioned upstream, another huge military advantage of the Americans was the tank. These are not only bullet-proof, but they offer up a huge offensive advantage as well with their giant guns. While they lacked speed, they often didn’t need it with all that artillery.

#3 Unfortunate Reality

010--3-unfortunate-reality-634510This is a photo of the unfortunate realities of war. Millions and millions of people died in this war and a sighting like this was all too common. This photo shows someone trying to revive a soldier who has flatlined. Even if a soldier was revived, they would often never be the same after going through the war.


#2 Hiding For Their Lives

011--2-hiding-for-their-lives-634541Despite the soldiers trying not to get civilians involved or hurt in the war, it was sometimes unavoidable. Tons of civilians (including women and children) were killed and injured in the conflict. These Vietnam natives are alone, scared and hurt. This type of horrific scene was all too common throughout the war.


#1 Keep Going Forward

012--1-keep-going-forward-634555As hard as it can be sometimes, the most important thing about war is to keep going forward. You will see some horrific and terrible things, but you have to keep the ultimate goal in mind. These men in the photos are running for their lives and we have no idea what type of carnage is directly behind them in the smoke.

These were some simply amazing and heartbreaking photos from a war that spanned multiple decades. It is no surprise there are no happy and cheerful photos, as war is a sad and desperate time for most people. While some people try to romanticize war as doing something great for your country, it is rarely “great” on the battlegrounds. Death and suffering is all around you and never stops. While these photos are not supposed to make you happy, they do play an important role. These photos give us an inside look at the war, a look that many of us have never had the privilege of seeing before.

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