Crazy Celebrity Stories That They Managed To Keep Out Of The News

If you think you may have heard it all about celebrities, you might be wrong. While they may be wealthy, famous, and beautiful, most superstars have had some really jaw-dropping secrets you may not have known. Some of these mysteries have gone unnoticed for decades.

Thanks to reliable sources, however, you will be surprised about what your favorite celeb has been hiding from you. From giving employees low pay-outs to having awkward home situations, there is much more that celebrities have managed to keep out of the news. Slide #3 is going to shock you, especially if you are a devoted fan.

10. Chanel Iman: A Secret Engagement?

A worldwide face on fashion magazines and billboards, Chanel Iman has had everyone surprised when she started dating A$AP Rocky. While Rocky is known for being involved in a number of love triangles, one would only be speechless why Chanel, in fact, fell for him. Word has gone round the two are secretly engaged.