Cop Saved 5 Year Old, 18 Years Later Gets The Surprise Of His Life…

fotorcreatedSometimes life provides opportunities for true friendship and deep connection with others in the strangest and most unexpected ways. Unbeknownst to this hardworking cop, one particular call would give him just that opportunity.


Hartford, Connecticut policeman Peter Getz didn’t expect that his life would change forever when he answered the call to rush to an unrelenting apartment fire on Washington Street. But change it did, and Getz is so grateful for it.

After bravely facing the flames and smoke of the fire to save a little girl’s life, he was rewarded not with medals or recognition, but something much more meaningful.


An Unexpected Call

001-an-unexpected-call-727555Peter Getz was a dedicated officer devoted to doing the best job he could. When he got the call over his radio to go to a dangerous fire on Washington Ave in Hartford, he wasted no time going straight over to help. Good thing he did because it was almost too late.

A Helping Hand

002-a-helping-hand-727651Officer Getz rushed immediately to the building and inside the apartments, finding a firefighter pulling a young girl out of the flames. She was covered in ash and unresponsive. He quickly placed the girl in Officer Getz’s arms and continued fighting the fire while Getz rushed out of the building.

When It All Went Black

003-when-it-all-went-black-727440Once outside, he went as quickly as possible to get help for the unresponsive girl in his arms. The five-year-old girl, Josibelk Aponte, was at home with her uncle, Jofrey, when the fire started. All that Aponte remembers is the room filling up with thick smoke and then she passed out.

A Life In His Hands

004-a-life-in-his-hands-727690Though Getz tried finding help for Aponte, medical personnel had not reached the apartments yet. Her tiny life was in his hands completely. He wasted no time in having his partner drive them to Hartford Hospital. While on the road, Getz performed CPR. His efforts made a difference for little Aponte and she was revived.

Handing Her Off

005-handing-her-off-632fd7d39a9ca62b076006dbce4ca0bfThankfully, Officer Getz kept her alive until they reached the hospital and there he handed her off to the hospital staff. Once there, she recovered fully from the fire. It is all thanks to Getz’s quick reflexes at that critical time and efforts in reviving her that she is alive today.