Cop Saved 5 Year Old, 18 Years Later Gets The Surprise Of His Life…


Sometimes life provides opportunities for true friendship and deep connection with others in the strangest and most unexpected ways. Unbeknownst to this hardworking cop, one particular call would give him just that opportunity.

Hartford, Connecticut policeman Peter Getz didn’t expect that his life would change forever when he answered the call to rush to an unrelenting apartment fire on Washington Street. But change it did, and Getz is so grateful for it.

After bravely facing the flames and smoke of the fire to save a little girl’s life, he was rewarded not with medals or recognition, but something much more meaningful.


An Unexpected Call

001-an-unexpected-call-727555Peter Getz was a dedicated officer devoted to doing the best job he could. When he got the call over his radio to go to a dangerous fire on Washington Ave in Hartford, he wasted no time going straight over to help. Good thing he did because it was almost too late.