Colorado Mom’s Double Life Leaves Her Family In Ruins

34-year-old Paige Birgfeld was the type of mom we other moms aspire to be. She experienced two very difficult divorces that left her a single parent of three children with 6-acres of land to care for unemployed, but she still made sure her kids were in the best schools, playing their favorite sports and exploring their desired hobbies.

According to her friends, Paige had three very secure, very happy children. The only problem was she had to juggle side businesses to keep the household running. She tried selling Pampered Chef products, baby slings, home decor, but eventually, they all ran dry.

Paige’s desperation pushed her into darker work that cost her so much more than she expected.

A Trip Down Memory Lane


Paige decided the best way to meet the needs of her children was to pick up a passion she had left behind in her past. She was a dancer as a child and dabbled in it in her twenties. At one point, Paige made a living as an exotic dancer in Denver, Colorado where she met her first husband and left it all for the “mom life.”

She was eager to put these skills back to work again.