Cold Case Of Missing Family Man Stuns Investigators Who Find Him Living Under Dead Man’s Identity

5. Panicked And Concerned, Linda Contacted The Police


As it turns out, Richard’s car was located a few days after his last phone call but police officials were unable to locate any information relating to where he might have been. Random phone calls over the months ahead were traced back to places like Aruba and Venezuela. Clearly, Richard was constantly on the move. Slide on to find out what the consequences of his terrible actions were.

4. Linda And Her Two Little Boys Were Left To Fend For Themselves

Not only did Richard abandon his family without any money whatsoever, he maxed out all of their credit cards and forged Linda’s signature on a loan before disappearing. Worst of all, Linda was exposed to brutal interrogations by the police before she was ruled out as a suspect involved in her husband’s disappearance. Eventually, the only things they received from him were two birthday cards and $50.

3. They Could Have Never Anticipated Their Lives Being Shaken Apart To This Extent

After some time, Linda and her sons tragically lost their home, vehicles and valuables soon after filing for bankruptcy. During that time of hardship, Richard was enjoying life at the gorgeous West Palm Beach in Florida where he illegally adopted the identity of a man whose death certificate Richard had stumbled across in the home he was renting.

2. From Richard Hoagland To Terry Symansky

The imposter posing as fisherman Terry Symansky found love, got married, had a son and celebrated his brand new amazing life in Florida. Many years later, after “Richard Hoagland” was declared dead and Linda Iseler remarried, the real Terry Symansky’s nephew shockingly learned of his uncle’s identity being stolen and used. This led police officials to the location of Richard resulting in his arrest for using a dead man’s identity.

1. The End Of A 23 Year Long Missing Person Case

Currently, Linda’s legal representative is filing for $2 million in unpaid child support from Richard Hoagland and since his arrest, he hasn’t offered any explanation or reasoning for his betrayal and abandonment. Linda and her adult sons have been more than vocal about the disgust they feel towards him and rightfully so.

We really hope Linda, Matthew and Douglas get the answers and closure they deserve after this traumatic event.

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