How This Clever, Hot College Chick Used Tinder To Get Rich Quick

Here’s The Surprise They Never Expected

Prepare yourself for a “WTF” outburst, because the surprise in Maggie’s scheme (or as some would prefer to say, Maggie’s scam) is getting unmatched. That’s right! By sending her $5, she unmatches and you never hear from her again. So when she wrote, “see what happens,” that’s what happens and there’s absolutely nothing illegal about it!

Fame Followed Her Success With This Tinder Scheme

Excited and overjoyed by the success of her idea, Maggie took to Twitter and shared her experience in hopes of inspiring other women to exploit this Tinder opportunity. Little did she know that her tweet and accompanying image would go viral and spark serious praise from some and outrage from others. Check out the next slide to find out what she had to say!

She’s Not Afraid To Own Up To Her Actions

When Buzzfeed had approached her for an interview, she was more than willing to give her thoughts on the matter. Maggie had the following to say, “It’s really a foolproof plan because I’m not actually promising anything.” She further added, “A surprising amount of men take the bait.”

Quizzed On Why She Revealed Her Scheme/Scam On Twitter

“I figured it was too funny not to share, I wanted to give more women this idea to share the wealth.” It definitely is quite humorous, but sharing it on Twitter wasn’t such a good idea for her. Since going viral, the chance or likelihood of Tinder users falling for her scam is now less likely.

The End Of Her Get Rich Quick Scheme

As it turns out, using Tinder to solicit money from users violates the application’s terms of service and anyone attempting to do this will be removed. Sadly (and luckily for some), Maggie’s plan reached its demise and she’s no longer on Tinder. A magician never reveals his or her tricks! Since she has, it was time for her to simply disappear.