How This Clever, Hot College Chick Used Tinder To Get Rich Quick

Maggie Archer, a relatively normal college kid, has cracked a seductive plan to turn her Tinder profile into a cookie jar filled with $5 payments from countless sugar daddies.

When you think of finding the perfect match online, Tinder is probably not the first app that enters your mind. We can’t say anyone has actually met their soulmate so much as a flavor of the evening on it, but the rules are simple. Swipe right if you’ve met your match, swipe left if you’re not interested.

For Archer’s Tinder plan to work, she had to figure out exactly to exploit the app for maximum personal gain/tuition money. You’re about to find out how good looks and seductive copy on a social platform can easily turn into passive (or rather, passion) income.

All Solutions Stem From A Need Or A Problem

Like most students attending college, Maggie has to deal with huge tuition bills, the prospect of massive student loan debt, and daily expenses which can weigh heavily on anyone. With a need for money and a desire to make it, Maggie was in a state of susceptibility to any idea that would bring in the green. That’s when a seemingly perfect plan fell into her lap.