This Chinese Orphan Had An Incredible Secret For Her Adoptive Parents

There are acts of kindness and then there are incredible acts of kindness. This is a story of an incredible act of kindness which then required another even greater act of kindness to fulfill the full potential of the original good deed.

It’s a tale of a family of Americans who crossed the ocean to adopt children in desperate need of a loving family and the amazing story of their daughter and her unimaginable secret.

You really won’t be able to believe what happened when the Lumpkins returned from their mercy mission to China. We certainly couldn’t.

Meet The Lumpkins

The Lumpkins, Gene and Lisa, are from Kentucky. The happy couple decided that they wanted children in their lives and that they would do some good as part of that process. So they opted to adopt four children from China. If that wasn’t enough, each of those children was deemed to have “special needs.”