Chilling: Chef Dismembers And Cooks Transgender Girlfriend

Everyone has problems in their relationships, but it’s pretty safe to say that most of us won’t snap and try to kill our significant other. Usually, a breakup will get the job done just fine!

But Marcus and Mayang aren’t the typical couple, and while they had a whirlwind romance, their story ended in the most shocking way imaginable. While Mayang met her end in the most brutal, senseless fashion, Marcus’ own fate in #2 proved a dramatic end to this horrible story.

10. Love At First Sight

Transgender prostitute Mayang Prasetyo met her partner Marcus Volke in Melbourne, Australia while he was secretly making money as a gigolo. After a lengthy period of dating, the two actually attempted to wed on August 1, 2013 in a small ceremony Denmark. But since Mayang was still a pre-op woman, their marriage wasn’t legally recognized.