These Childhood Novelties Are Worth A Pretty Penny Now: #7 Is Pure 90’s Nostalgia!

Everyone’s childhood is filled with memories of holidays, birthday parties, and most importantly, the coolest gadgets and toys of the time.

Kids go crazy for McDonald’s Happy Meals, and it’s not just because of the nuggets and fries. Happy Meals always come with a trendy toy, and it was like Christmas morning seeing what surprise came with your meal. Some of the best Happy Meal toys came along in the 80’s and 90’s, and they were based on some of the best movies, shows, and trends of the time period.

Some collectors may be surprised to find out that some of these toys from the Golden Arches are now worth their weight in gold, and these trinkets are sure to send you on a trip down memory lane!


12. This Toy Was King Of The Jungle — And Happy Meal

The Lion King was a 90’s Disney classic, and the animated film is still a household movie staple today. McDonald’s cashed in on the animal enterprise by creating plush Happy Meal toys of the movie’s characters in the late 90’s. Each character can be sold for $50 each today, and slide #1 is another Disney classic that made its way into Happy Meals everywhere!