Check Out These 18 Celebrity Mansions That Are Supposedly Haunted

#13 Jenna Bush-Hager

006--13-jenna-bush-hager-ce972fc7e62d9e39f33c48fc7b797234The haunting of the home of Jenna Bush-Hager proves that ghosts don’t leave President’ daughters alone. But she didn’t see the haunting in her home now, she actually saw one in the White House! She heard music and even saw a strange figure sleeping in a room at the White House.

#12 Joan Rivers

007--12-joan-rivers-9cee7e192aee2243f6a1aad03ca11ff4Joan Rivers lived in an apartment in NYC that is currently on the market for a cool $29 Million. She claimed the place had an eerie presence and believed that the previous owners still reside there as spirits. Another late superstar also had a problem with ghosts, and she comes in at the number 5 spot.

#11 Loretta Lynn

008--11-loretta-lynn-878b49ec42cc198f881906054ae51efaThe famous country singer was once on TV for something other than her celebrity. In fact, Lynn and her mansion in Hurrican Mills, Tennessee has been featured on a number of ghost shows such as “Ghost Adventures” and “Celebrity Ghost Stories” where it was shown that her place was haunted by numerous different spirits.

#10 Ke$ha

009--10-ke-ha-324371Ke$ha was once one of the biggest musical acts out there and had millions of fans (and still does). But one fan of hers that she didn’t like so much was the ghost that haunted her L.A home and would not leave her alone. In fact, Ke$ha even reported that she had a sexual encounter with the ghost. This incident was part of the reason why she decided to move away from the home.

#9 Nicolas Cage

010--9-nicolas-cage-324387Cage has long been one of the highest paid and most successful actors in Hollywood, but for some reason, he decided to live in a weird place. He owned a home in New Orleans that was famous for being haunted, which Cage seemed to enjoy. The person in the next entry also owned a very haunted house in the exact same city that Cage did.