How These Cheaters Got Caught We Have No Idea

Being cheated on doesn’t feel good. It can take a while to get over the heartbreak of disloyalty and disrespect. That being said, at least the rest of us get to enjoy bathing in the pool of lies. The Internet has once again proven there are people who are not as smart as you.

8. I’m On My Way!

Sexy photos of you in the shower are an excellent way to get your man to come over for some action. It would be admirable if this cheater sent the message to her husband instead. She probably went on to her second runner-up. The girl’s dad in #7 is complicit in his daughter’s infidelity.

7. The Stupidest Way To Get Caught Cheating

If you are going to cheat on your significant other there are a few simple rules you must follow. The first rule should include double-checking your contact to make sure you are sending a message to the right person. But having to ask your dad first is just plain ridiculous.

6. Looks Like This One Is Going Into Overtime

Text messages are fickle creatures. Most of the context of your message can get lost in a heartbeat. Imagine being a good boyfriend and updating your girl on your current status. Time to have a few words with his brother! In fact, after reading #5 you may want to have a few words with yours. Just in case.

5. Silly Little Sister And Her Shenanigans

After finding out he cheated off of her test, this girl should have probably left the “uh” off of a text message. She should have written out the entire message, “Please hold while I think of a lame excuse.” Some people are so bad at cheating it’s incredible they were able to rope some poor sucker into a relationship in the first place.

4. Cheating Doesn’t Excuse Poor Grammar

It’s “you’re” screwed. Besides that, she really stuck it to this lying pig. If you’re going to disrespect a family member by making her worth $500 you might as well start packing your bags right now. Wait, they’re related? Our cheater in #3 lost more than a Porsche.