Celebs That Are Ditching The Straps

FeaturedStrapplessA bra is an undergarment typically made for females to wear. The purpose of a bra is to support the breasts and help push them up to create a “sexier” look. The truth is, women don’t really need bras at all. They don’t necessarily support the health of the breasts and can sometimes be even more damaging. And people don’t really seem to care about using bras for sex appeal as much as they used to. Celebrities have definitely noticed this, so many actresses and musicians are ditching their straps. Check out these 18 ladies who decided they’d rather burn their bra than wear it!

#18 Mariah Carey

001--18-mariah-carey-268298Mariah Carey is known as one of the greatest female pop singers of all time. She’s able to hit all the highest notes and always stays in key. She doesn’t always find herself staying in a bra, however. Perhaps it’s just her outfit of choice, but it looks as though Mariah decided to ditch the straps!

#17 Selena Gomez

002--17-selena-gomez-aecfeaf763d50344a5ab8e0617ca909eSelena Gomez was once the innocent Disney child star who graced our screens as a young teen. Nowadays, she’s not afraid to show that she’s transformed into a full grown woman. Perhaps it’s comfier for her since she struggles with the illness lupus, but either way, Selena knows how to rock a great style!

#16 Kylie Jenner

003--16-kylie-jenner-e24a555fa58fa7b74882f7386e124728Kylie Jenner is almost always in the headlines for one thing or another. Lately, it’s been because of her choice to not wear a bra anymore. There have been rumors that she might have had some work done on her breasts, and if that’s the case, it makes sense that she’d want to show off her assets!

#15 Rihanna

004--15-rihanna-06fb2fae3cf575670119abc22678a2faRihanna is pretty much known as the girl who hates bras. We’d be shocked to ever actually see her wearing one. She made headlines after wearing a crystal see-through dress on the red carpet. She’s covered in tattoos and has one right below her breasts, so it makes sense she wants to show it off!

#14 Amer Rose

005--14-amer-rose-65cc05f1a899a4fe58bdd6ca78682e1dAmber Rose is known as “muva,” as well as being a self-proclaimed feminist. She’s an advocate for women all over the country and organized The SlutWalk to try and end slut-shaming. Makes sense that she isn’t afraid to show off her lady bits or piercings all over her social media! You will be shocked to hear this next celebrity is ditching the straps…