Celebs Who Struggle With Depression And Their Inspirational Advice For Anyone Who Does

Depression used to be something people often scoffed at; something only crazy people went through. But now as more evidence comes to light, people have come to realize that depression is something that needs to be taken very seriously. While this is a positive step in the right direction, some people still feel as if they are all alone.

What has helped shed a light on the seriousness of depression is the fact that some major celebrities have come forward with their own personal battles and have offered advice on their struggles. While you may have heard of a few, some will take you by surprise. Number 8 is a true inspiration.

10. Don’t Stay In Bed – Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is known for bringing out big belly-laughs in audiences, but sometimes even the funniest of people can still go through tough times fighting depression. His advice to people is to “Get out of bed and say that life is good.” That is what the Ace Ventura actor did during the most difficult times.

9. Admit It To Yourself – Wayne Brady

For those struggling with depression or bipolar, you are not alone. Talented jack-of-all-trades Wayne Brady has fought his own battles and recommends admitting that you feel this way is the first step to recovery. “To claim that, to say ‘Why do I feel dark? Why do I feel unhappy? Let me do something about this.'”

8. There Is Life After Diagnosis -Demi Lovato

Singer/Actress Demi Lovato has not been shy about her battle with depression. In fact, her goal has been to show people that it is possible to find happiness and that life after being diagnosed with depression can be hopeful. “I want to show the world that there is life….surprising, wonderful and unexpected life after diagnosis.” If you didn’t know about this one, click on number 6 for a surprising revelation.

7. An Unlikely Role Model – Kanye West

Kayne West has made a lot of headlines, but even someone with so much bravado is not immune to depression. The husband of Kim Kardashian has gone through tough times but fights hard to be a role model for those who feel alone. “There are so many people who never get the chance to have their voice heard…I do it for them.”

6. Putting On A Brave (Fake) Face – Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus may seem like the picture of pure joy, but sometimes it’s just a brave face to fool the world. Her advice to the world is to not pretend to be something they are not just to please other people. “There is nothing worse than being fake happy.”