These Celebs Beat Breast Cancer And Have Amazing Survival Stories

fotorcreatedCancer devastates families, communities, and populations around the world. It is a long, rough battle, and it doesn’t always end in a victory march. Although there is no cure, some are lucky enough to enter remission and get a second lease on life. Cancer survivors are strong and courageous, with battle scars and stories to showcase their strength.


This disease does not discriminate against fortune or fame, and some celebrities have lived to tell the tale. These 12 stars have all suffered from breast cancer, and their diagnoses prove that this deadly disease can strike without warning. Number 2 will inspire you to get your next mammogram as soon as possible!

12. Giuliana Rancic’s Routine Exam Wasn’t So Routine

001-12-giuliana-rancic-s-routine-exam-wasn-t-1037072Rancic is known to be a well-dressed and put-together television personality. Owning an extensive wardrobe is nothing but routine for this beauty, but one routine breast exam changed her perspective on everything. She was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer after receiving a mammogram in 2011, and she later went on to undergo a double lumpectomy and a double mastectomy. These surgeries have saved Rancic and other women in the spotlight, such as the woman in slide #9.

11. Maura Tierney Turned A Setback Into A Comeback

002-11-maura-tierney-turned-a-setback-into-a-1037304Time wasn’t on Tierney’s side. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 44 in 2009, just as she was gearing up to debut the NBC sitcom Parenthood.She took a break from the silver screen to undergo a mastectomy and chemotherapy but came back swinging by winning a Golden Globe in 2016. Tierney proves there is hope, only if preventative measures are taken seriously.

10. Cancer In The City For Cynthia Nixon

003-10-cancer-in-the-city-for-cynthia-nixon-b00d44d23d7764e02556399353bfaf32Nixon is known as the realistic pal Miranda on Sex and the City, but one mammogram left her fleeing the spotlight to cope with her breast cancer diagnosis. She underwent a lumpectomy and began radiation in 2006. It wasn’t until two years later that she became public about her condition. Nixon’s mother also suffered from the disease, and several other stars found themselves susceptible to a family history of cancer. Slide #9 wasn’t taking any chances.

9. Christina Applegate’s Preventative Care Secured Her Survival

004-9-christina-applegate-s-preventative-car-e89ea6a91483f2d6832254fc667dd66bApplegate’s mother was a breast cancer survivor, so this actress knew the drill. She always got her mammograms in a timely manner and in 2008 her diligence caught her breast cancer in the early stages. Applegate went through multiple surgeries, such as a lumpectomy, radiation therapy, and then a double mastectomy. Applegate took the necessary steps to prevent her cancer from spreading, and some stars take a prevention a few steps even further. Slide #8 is super powerful!