Celebrity Oops: Views from the Vehicle

So what do cars and today’s A-list female celebrities have in common? Having their privates shown in public! Or is it an accidental invite for some indecent proposal? Female starlets are all too familiar that wherever they go, a paparazi will show up from out of nowhere to take relentless pictures regardless of the situation. So why do a lot of them wear the shortest of dresses and give photographers a chance to show their things-down-there when they can curb them in the first place? It’s a puzzle that today’s generation are still trying to figure out. But then again, Hollywood would be downright boring if nothing like a “peep” would make it to headlines. So here are examples as to why short dresses, female starlets, and cars are never a good mix.

1. Britney Spears

Batch 3- Celebrity Oops- Views from the Vehicle- Britney Spears

Britney is no longer as media dominant as she was, but it’s clear that her past revealed a lot of her troubled life. Sadly, should couldn’t keep things under wraps as she tried leaving her car.