Celebrities Who Only Fly Private… Because First Class is Not Enough

For some celebrities, sometimes flying first class is not enough. After all, their huge paychecks can afford all the best things in life. Just like buying their own private plane that can jet them around the world comfortably and in style. No need for them to wait in lines, no annoying seatmates and there’s definitely more leg room. Now that’s a dream flight. But it doesn’t stop there. Celebrities like it bigger and fancier. Who’s got the bigger plane? How many passengers can it seat? How fast is it? How much is it? Let’s take a look at the celebrities who has the most bragging rights when it comes to the best private plane and who only fly private.

12. John Travoltajohn travolta private jet

The A-list celebrity is not just an accomplished actor but also a pilot. He owns not only one but seven planes! He has a Boeing 707-138 passenger aircraft which he got in 1998 from Qantas, an Australian carrier. He is also an honorary pilot at Qantas Airways and brought his aircraft to Australia in 2002 to join in the Qantas Spirit of Friendship Tour. Not only that, John Travolta is also the Ambassador-At-Large for Qantas, his 707-138 has been given original Qantas “V-Jet” livery paintwork. His other air crafts include a Bombardier Challenger 601, Boeing 727 and three Gulfstream jets. The best part is, he has his own private airport.

11. Jim Carreyjim carry private jet

This funny man takes flying seriously. He is a keen aviation aficionado and owns a Gulfstream V to fulfill his flying needs. It has a highly experienced two crews and advanced state of the art avionics. The Gulfstream V has one of the highest performance and safety intensive measures for private jets in the world. This impressive aircraft can seat up to 16 passengers and can reach the speed of sound. The actor is currently offering his Gulfstream V as a charter model, where interested individuals can take a ride in the aircraft for $8,000 an hour. The aircraft cost $59 million.

10. Tom Cruisetom cruise private jet

The adrenaline pumped actor is used to doing mind blowing stunts for his films. From falling off skyscrapers to deadly car chases, you can count on Tom to give you the thrill of your life. But when he’s resting from his lethal stunts, he flies private all the way. Tom Cruise owns a  Gulfstream IV that was designed and developed by Gulfstream Aerospace and is considered to be one of the finest private jets. This impressive business jet is manned by two crews and can seat up to 18 other passengers comfortably. It goes for a cool $36 million.

9. Oprah Winfreyoprah winfrey private jet

We can’t expect anything less from one of the most powerful women in the world. Her influence and philanthropy work brings her around the world. And for that, she purchased a Global Express XRS VIP business jet. It’s ideal for handling business while in the sky. The XRS has been introduced with higher cruise speed, increased range as well as first class cabin layout and lighting. The XRS variant owned by Oprah was custom designed by Bombardier Aerospace. The seating capacity has been limited to only ten passengers while making room for other in-flight luxury amenities. It is priced at $42 million.

8. Tiger Woodstiger woods private jet

For someone who has racked over 10 major championship golf wins and with an estimated fortune of over $1 billion, flying private isn’t a problem. He flies from any course in the world with his Gulfstream G550. The plane is known for its luxurious design, impressive light and views through the wide oval windows. It also has the efficiency to fly nonstop over 12,000 km for more than 12 hours. The G550 can comfortably fit 18 passengers and reach altitudes of up to 51,000 feet making it a great jet to have for long and short flights. It sells for $53.5 million.