Celebrities With Secrets: Some Hilarious, Some … Pretty Dark

Many people in modern society can confuse “celebrity” with something more than that. We attribute the qualities of the characters that actors play to the person behind the role.

Incredible talents can be quickly expected to become more than human on and off screen. They’re no longer real people, but the fantasy creations of the public instead.

So it’s good, sometimes, to take a step back and see that celebrities are human beings and that their lives are as full of imperfection as our own. Check out these 12 celebrities and the dark secrets they’ve chosen to share.



12. Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson of every movie you’ve ever seen fame was a bad boy at school. Bad enough to get himself expelled. It wasn’t your ordinary, run of the mill, prank gone wrong, either. He kidnapped the entire school board to protect the school curriculum and held them hostage for 48 hours!