How These Celebrities Overcame Poverty And Are Now Worth Millions

It takes a lot of hard work to succeed in any career, even if it’s just running a successful small business. You have to put in the time to learn the basics of what you want to do, and then you have to practice until you master your technique.

This is difficult enough to achieve when you are born into an average middle class or even wealthy family. For anyone born into a poor family, the obstacles can seem insurmountable.

Keep reading to see the surprising stories of how these 10 celebrities worked their way out of poverty and into financial and professional success.

10. J. K. Rowling Wrote Her Way From Welfare To Wealth

Fans of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels know that Rowling was a single mother living on public assistance when she started writing. They might not know that she couldn’t afford a typewriter or computer and handwrote drafts of her early novels.

“I remember twenty years ago not eating so my daughter would eat,” Rowling told The Daily Mail in a 2013 interview.