Celebrities That Have Criminal Records A Mile Long

We all know that there’s a price to be paid for fame and fortune, but who would have thought that so many superstars would have behaved so badly to get where they are now?


These celebrities have all failed the basic test of behaving decently at least once as they pursued the public’s affection and on-screen dollars. These are seriously crazy criminal records that they’ve built.

We’re not sure how you’ll feel about these superstars when you find out what they’re really like. Do they deserve another chance or is this just too much?



12. Jay-Z

Jazy-Z’s offense came back when he was a nobody. Young rap stars have always needed to be “bad” to get attention, and Jay-Z stabbed a record company representative in the stomach during a ruckus in a nightclub. Jay-Z got 3 years on probation for his actions, and the big time was just around the corner.

11. Keanu Reeves

The star of The Matrix and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure has had a few adventures of his own. Back in 1993, his celebrity went to his head and so did the drink – he was busted for being drunk under the influence of alcohol. He’s kept his nose clean ever since, though.

10. Robert Downey Jr.

Back before his Iron Man days, Robert Downey Jr. was pretty much a regular visitor to his local police station. He was arrested 6 times for offenses relating to his drug and alcohol problems and famously was fired from working on the TV show Ally McBeal for being such a disaster.

9. Tim Allen

Tim Allen is one of the nation’s most popular comic talents, but back in the 1970s, he almost went down for life for dealing cocaine. He cut a deal to save himself from the slammer, and ended up doing only two years in the cells. He would go on to star in Home Improvement, the biggest comedy success of its time.

8. Bill Gates

You really wouldn’t have believed that squeaky clean and somewhat dull Bill Gates would have managed to get arrested, would you? In fact, it happened twice. Both times it was for driving without a license and another traffic offense. Today, we’re pretty certain that the billionaire can afford a driver.