Celebrities and Their Favorite Wine Drink

Prominent people especially those who are considered famous because they are celebrities have used their faces and names to boost one’s branding.  Well, despite everything that these famous people have promoted, it cannot be denied that they have still within their personal lives a favorite food, drink, thing, material, or any other.  Human as they are, there is always the particular name of the glass that passed their tastes standard.  And to be distinct, the passions of these people in taking wine have opened many celebrities to start up business that entails drinks as products.

And within this article, it will be discussed the wines that take these celebrity people to make it as one of their favorites.  We will be disclosing names together with the favorite drink that they wanted to have within their fridge.  Regardless of the possible hidden reasons that these celebrities have regarding their preferences within the specific wine, the glass they prefer gives you an idea to take a deal on this particular wine to drink.  This article will be mentioning prominent people, so brace yourselves and take note of the wine they love the most.

Meghan Markle with Tignanello Wine

If you are familiar with her, she was a former actress that turned out to be the Princess after marrying a prince.  In particular, the drink was not just red or white.  It was written by the princess, “suddenly I understood what people mean with the body, legs, and the structure of the wine itself. It is because, for me, it became a “Tig” moment. It means, the moment of getting it.”  She added that red wine has an excellent benefit in the body. The potential health benefit of drinking alcohol is offered within a wine.

“Sipping the Tignanello or other red wine will give a person an enjoyment in knowing that they are getting the benefit of resveratrol, a polyphenol from the grape skins which has an essential and beneficial role within the cardiovascular health of every human.  Keep in mind y to take the proper serving in just five ounces,” she added.

Beyonce with Red Wine

Just like the first person on the list, Beyonce is one of the prominent people in Hollywood that is influential within women and even women at heart.  Beyonce suggested that the person who should drink this may add a handful of raspberries to a glass which the person will be using and then pour the five ounces or maybe less of wine.  Let these two be combined within 15 minutes.  The person may also fill the glass with ice together with sparkling water and add a fresh mint sprig for fun, only if they wanted to.”

Within this time, it may be noted that since Beyonce preferred red wine, there might be a higher chance that she also loved the wines produced by Domaine de la Romanee Conti which can be served as what she suggested above. Since Domaine de la Romanee Contix is one of the most prestigious producers, its fame will not be outcasted to celebrities too.  It is not hard to love the wine producer because the wine is produced drinkers fulfillment and satisfaction within the health system of the person drinking it.


Taylor Swift with Diet Coke and Vodka

Taylor Swift has become famous mostly with teenagers all over the world.  In her interview last 2016 with Vogue, it was revealed in there that these are her most preferred drink already.  Since Swift is a Diet Coke brand ambassador, it was not a binding contract at the same time that she loved the brand.  Well, within the influence she could have, taking this lighter version of the drink is quite reasonable because teenagers would probably take her step too.

Dwayne Wade with the Wade Cellars

He becomes famous because he is the Miami, shooting guard.  In reality, it was really with the fellow NBA players like Carmelo Anthony who loved taking an account on drinking wine already.  Wade had opened it on the interview that he has taken up.  He revealed that his passion for wine had opened him to a broader perspective and thus, it helped him within his health and daily activity.



The celebrities preferred drink has opened many people on getting to know these brands and trying their benefits on them.  Others may take this as promotional branding, but the stars tastes cannot be denied that is full of standard and prestige.  The wines they have favored may be a sign that you should be giving yourself a fortuitous to live like how do these celebrities live their lives too. There is nothing wrong on experiencing their fondness to certain things just as long you can afford to get one and buy it.