Caught on Cam: 18 Times the Wind Blew in the Wrong Direction

13. Hair Raising Experience

jessica chastain's hair


Jessica Chastain had a hair-raising experience during this windy day. Her hair looked like it had a mind of its own and decided to show off to the paparazzi. She was definitely not the only the star in this photo.

12. Wind vs Dogswindy dog adv

How cute are these two dogs? They’re so soft and cuddly. Their owner wanted to have a photo op with these two cuties and they gamely posed for the camera. But a strong wind suddenly decided to drop by making the two puppies hand onto their paws.

11. Accidental Marilyn Monroe


We all know the iconic scene where Mariyln’s white dress blew suggestively above her knees almost revealing her inner wear. In the scene, Marilyn was seemingly enjoying the moment unfortunately for this lady, it isn’t the case. The strong wind blew her colorful skirt revealing her black lace inner wear. And to make things worse, it was caught on cam.

10. Benny the Spaniel
benny the spaniel

Benny surely loves the outdoors. Even on very windy days. He became popular worldwide after a hilarious photo of him being blown away by the wind was posted on social media. I guess nothing will stop this mutt from having a catch outdoors.

9. How?how

This one is probably photoshopped or something. We’ll never really know. But you have to agree this photo looks cool. It’s as if he was in an action movie or something with mysterious superpowers. How cool would that be?