Caught on Cam: 18 Times the Wind Blew in the Wrong Direction

The wind can be our friend, it helps cool us down especially during the hot and humid days. But sometimes it could also be our worst enemy. Especially when mother nature decides to showcase her strength and fury we can’t help but just feel helpless and powerless. Just like this 18 Times the Wind Blew in the Wrong Direction list. Some of it may be funny and entertaining although there were some unfortunate victims of mother nature’s fury. Hold on to your seats. Don’t let this post blow you away.

18. Up



This woman was so caught up in what she’s doing that she doesn’t feel her skirt going up and flashing the people. Uh oh! Awkward. Then again someone was there to immortalize the whole situation. Caught on camera for the whole world to see!

17. Venus Back Handvenus back (hand)

Venus William is known to be a tigress in the tennis court. She was too focused on the game and giving her opponent a backhand shot that she didn’t mind the wind revealing her backside. Good thing she was wearing an appropriate undergarment.

16. Fly Away with Mefly away

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking a walk by the sea. The breathtaking view, the sand on your toes and just enjoying nature. But not when there’s a huge storm! Just like this man. There’s definitely nothing peaceful here.

15. Tree Yogafalling tree

Just look at how this huge tree bows down to the strong wind. It may have a thick branch but the branches couldn’t hold up against this strong wind. Even the animals hiding on the tree were not safe when mother nature decided to show her fury.

14. Cruise Controlcruise control

Want to enjoy the cool breeze while on a boat ride? The very first rule especially when you plan to wear a skirt is to always sit on the skirt when you sit down! You’ll never know what what’ll happen when you’re outdoors.