Real Stories

Our postings are also about the countless real life stories around us. These stories give you entertaining facts about lives of other characters of life around us. We discuss these as those are facts of life, undeniable facts but different from you as they come from another group of the world. This covers history, politics, sports and society — all real for your entertainment.

18 Young and Stunning Female Billionaires

There was a time that only men, specifically older men were only allowed to do business and that earning your first 6-digits was only...

12 Crazy Woodstock Festival Photos

This music festival was not your ordinary music festival. It was a cultural milestone for Baby Boomers, the 1960s generation. The Woodstock Music &...

12 Historic Icons who Lived a Debauched Lifestyle

People who go down history either did something really good or really evil. It's sort of the legacy they leave behind for the next...

12 Chilling Photos Taken Before Tragedy Struck

Tragedies are life changing events that can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. Even though caution is exercised fate still wins. Just like these...

12 Shocking Secrets of the FBI

The FBI is supposed to protect the people and look out for their interest. They monitor the country's criminal activities and act accordingly if...

Photographic Journey of how 4 Sisters Aged in 40 Years

How would you like to be photographed every year of your life for 40 years? This is what happened to the Brown Sisters. What...

18 Teachers Who Got Busy with their Students

They say that teachersĀ are our "second parents." While it is somewhat true there are others that take advantage of their students. We often think...