Can This Man And This Injured Crocodile Heal A Classic Divide And Become Friends?

There are amazing animal stories everywhere, but this is something truly extra special. This is the story of the man who became best friends with a South American crocodile.

The crocodile can grow up to 16 feet long, it can weigh as much as 850lbs and is among the world’s deadliest predators. There are no previous cases where a man has bonded to any great extent with a crocodile, but there are plenty where a man has become a crocodile’s dinner.

So join us as we meet the first man to break this pattern and see him and his friend the crocodile in action.

10. Meet Chito


Gilberto Shedden is known to his friends as “Chito.” He’s from Costa Rica and he is both a fisherman and a tour guide. He’s also an enthusiastic amateur naturalist with an eye for the unusual. That may be how he came upon Pocho, the crocodile, and formed his unusual bond of friendship.

9. Discovering Pocho

Chito was out walking on the river in 1989 when he found a dying crocodile. The big male crocodile had been shot by a local farmer. Instead of shrugging and moving on, Chito decided he would rescue the croc. He got his friends to carry it to his home where he would take care of it.

8. Out Of The Jungle

The crocodile was used to a diet of jungle life, but Chito couldn’t provide this in sufficient quantities, so he fed the croc on chicken and fish instead. He also made sure that he got medical attention and even went so far as to sleep with the croc at night to be on hand if needed.

7. Supportive Family

Not only were the family supportive of Chito’s endeavors, they were pleased that he was taking care of Pocho. Over time they noticed that Pocho was becoming more like a friend to Chito and less like a wild animal. In fact, Chito had begun to train Pocho in secret.

6. They Bonded

Pocho may be a reptile, but he’s not stupid. He bonded with Chito who had taken such good care of him when everything was terrible for Pocho. However, their bond didn’t develop overnight. It took 10 years for Chito to get Pocho used to a few commands and to being touched.