Can A “Friends With Benefits” Situation Ever End Well?

Having a friend that you can have sex with is a pretty incredible thing. There’s nothing like a little fun with no strings attached. Especially when it’s with someone you trust.

But having a friend with benefits can also lead to some complicated feelings and issues. It leads us to ask today, can this sort of arrangement ever really end well?

8. A Seismic Shift

Having a friend of the opposite sex can fulfilling. It’s nice to have someone of a different gender offer a different perspective on life and relationships. A major shift can instantly occur that leads to a “friends with benefits” situation. After the first encounter, #7 can happen quite often.

7. There’s A First Time For Everything

If the first sexual encounter with a friend was good, you have opened yourself up to future booty calls. It could happen while hanging out a bar or you just receive a random call in the middle of the night. Both of you can be eager for future experiences to further explore each other.

6. Waiting For The Call

Relationships with no strings attached can be very provocative and addicting. Even though you are not in a committed relationship, you find yourself getting excited every time your phone buzzes. Each time you secretly wish it was your friend wanting to get a little naughty. You have now developed what we’ll talk about in #5.

5. An Intense Emotional Connection Builds

These pleasurable experiences can lead to an intense emotional connection. The relationship began based on friendship. This plays a major role in the feelings you have developed and the connection you have made while being intimate. It’s perfectly natural, but you should expect those feelings to intensify with each encounter.

4. It’s Sad When They Won’t Stay And Snuggle

When you meet with your friend to get some benefits, it is typically for a quickie. Do the deed and then go your separate ways. Those emotional feelings you are developing can cause you to get a little upset when they leave and don’t stay to cuddle. You’re friends, so you should be able to share everything, right? #3 says this is all wrong.