14 Calligraphy Style Options to Choose From

4- Adding Glow Adds Beauty
Using Glow is a Bright Idea

Glow could make your invitation outstanding: Make your invitation in handwriting using orange colored ink that glows. Not only they will be attractive but also they will be easy to read as the colors make the right contrasts.

5- Water Color Use
Water Color Beauty

Use of water colors: Using free hand calligraphy with water colors is one of the best ways to add a human touch to your invitations rather than to print them. When you use water colors your envelopes will become works of art instead of being just printed envelopes.

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6- Calligraphy Styles by Professionals
The Professional Love to Give the Best

Have your wows recorded on paper: Get a calligrapher to write your wows and preserve them for later use. They may come in handy in anniversaries later. Even you have the option to write the readings of your guests in beautiful letters and display them until your function is over for everyone to see.