She Was Bullied For A Rare Disease. 19 Years Later, She Looks TOTALLY Different!

At 19 years old, Hannah Kritzeck is a lot like other teenage girls. She likes shopping, hanging out with her friends, and gossiping about boys. She dreams of becoming a movie star or world-traveling performer. She has a loving, supportive family and a close relationship with her mom.

What’s so different about Hannah? For starters, she’s only 3 feet tall and weighs just 30 pounds. She was born with a rare condition that’s stunted her growth. But despite her small appearance, she’s out to show the world that she’s got a lot to say.

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Born This Way


Hannah was born with primordial dwarfism, an extremely rare condition that affects only 100 people in the entire world. This disease has made her smaller than her peers at every stage of her life, including her now early adulthood. She always knew she was different, but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dreams.