This Bride-to-Be Was About To Walk Down The Aisle When Her Dad Suddenly Did The Unexpected

brittany peck weddingGrowing up with two fathers can be difficult and confusing for any little girl. Although it can also have its own unique advantages. When this woman’s wedding day came, she had to make the tough decision of choosing which one would give her hand away.


Would she pick her biological father or her stepdad? Both had been loving and equally important in her life. Picking one over the other broke her heart so bad. And although the two men didn’t get along they agreed to do whatever would make their daughter happy. On the wedding day, however, things took an unexpected turn that shocked everybody even the bride-to-be.

Will it be a good or bad experience? Read on to find out what happened. This Bride-to-Be Was About To Walk Down The Aisle When Her Dad Suddenly Did The Unexpected.

12. Still A Little Girl bride to be

This is the story of Brittany Peck. It all started when she was just six years old and back in kindergarten. It was then that her parents divorced and she, along with her sister, ended up getting caught in the middle of a bitter custody battle between fighting families.

In fact, after the bitter battle, Brittany’s mom remarried. She was 11-years-old. But her dad, Todd Bachman refused to give up his beloved daughter to her stepfather, Todd Cendrosky.

11. Custody Battle

brittany peckTruck driver Todd Bachman, Brittany’s biological father said to CBS Sunday Morning of the battle, “It was riddled with lawyers and courtrooms.” The custody battle left wounds on both parties that never really healed. It was a situation that would still cause upset and heartache leading up to 21-year-old Brittany Peck’s wedding day.

In an interview with People magazine in October 2015, Brittany shared, “Less than ten years ago, my dad and stepdad wouldn’t even look at each other. There was a long custody battle and it was bad. Really bad. It really hurt my sister and me.” Also the hate her dad felt for her stepfather was mutual.

10. Two Fatherswedding day

“We did not get along,” Todd Cendrosky told CBS Sunday Morning, Brittany’s step dad. “We tolerated each other, that’s probably the best way to describe it.” Although it was a relationship that had mellowed a little over the years, the tensions started to rise again when Brittany had to make a tough choice on her wedding day.

It’s also ironic that both the father’s name was Todd and hated each other so much. Who do you think Brittany chose? It’s such a difficult situation to be in.

9. Tough Decision

step dadBrittany Peck and his step dad had grown close over the years. She valued their relationship the same way she valued the relationship with her biological father. Even the groom asked both dads for permission to marry Brittany.

So the decision as to who will walk the bride-to-be down the aisle will be a very tough one.

“I knew I wanted both of them to walk me down the aisle,” Brittany told People “But I also knew how my dad felt. I mean, we’ve all been through so much together, like with the custody battle, it just didn’t seem possible.” The family’s past experience would definitely make everyone feel uncomfortable.