This Boy’s Dog Has An Extraordinary Gift, And The Bond They Share Is Lifesaving

Bringing a child into the world is exciting and life-changing. Having a baby is mentally and physically taxing, but watching that child learn and grow makes it all worthwhile. Children enjoy running around and playing sports, and physical activity is a vital part of every child’s life. Although most children enjoy a carefree life of play, some children aren’t born with all of these advantages and opportunities.


Life can be extremely difficult for children who are born with a lifelong handicap, and the day-to-day struggles of a young boy named Lucas only allowed him to experience life on the sidelines. Lucas was forever changed when he met his service dog Juno, and slide #4 shows that their relationship is literally a matter of life or death!

12. Lucas Is A Young Boy Who Lives A Difficult Life

Lucas comes from a loving home in Tennessee. His parents are caring and attentive, and they make sure Lucas lives the most comfortable, fulfilling life possible. Unfortunately, they cannot control everything that happens to Lucas. Upon learning of Lucas’s terminal illness, they realized they couldn’t protect their son from everything. His diagnosis was out of their hands, and they were forced to face the reality of his condition.

11. Their Son’s Condition Has No Cure And The Prognosis Was Bleak

Lucas was diagnosed with Sanfilippo syndrome at birth. This genetic condition is severe and quite rare, and it completely controls the lives of those who suffer from it. Sanfilippo syndrome is ultimately fatal, and there is no known cure. This kind of somber situation is any parent’s worst nightmare, and Lucas’s parents had a lot to learn about this debilitating disease.

10. Lucas’ Diagnosis Was A Lot For His Parents To Handle

Chester and Jennifer Hembree were not expecting their bundle of joy to have to fight for his life. Sanfilippo syndrome only affects one out of every 70,000 children, which can be compared to the chances of being struck by lightning. The next slide reveals the symptoms Lucas must deal with on a daily basis, revealing how brave this little boy truly is!

9. His Running List Of Symptoms Is Astounding

It affects many of his body’s major systems such as the brain, central nervous system, ears, joints, and other internal organs. Lucas experiences seizures and low-oxygen levels. His life expectancy is extremely short. Most children born with this condition live to be twelve or fourteen years old. Even so, the parents of Lucas had high hopes that their son would persevere.