Bizarre Things You Never Noticed In The Backgrounds Of Movies

13. King Kong Snatches ‘Em Bald


Think King Kong was scary on-screen? Imagine the terror of the movie’s extras, who can be seen fleeing so quickly that their wigs fall off in some shots.

12. Indiana Jones Gets Overly-Cautious?


Raiders of the Lost Ark is a film made legendary by its intense action scenes. It appears that only a select few get to be violent, however: one background butcher is even notably gentle so as not to distract from the main man.

11. Mr. Nanny


The Hulk Hogan-centered end of the cult classic was already the stuff of memes. The man throwing his dog into the lake in the background just adds to the weirdness.

Luckily, the next film on the list had a mishap that was much less morbid. Keep reading to find out!

10. Ruby Slip-Up


The Wizard Of Oz would be nothing if not for those famous ruby slippers. However, in the scene where Scarecrow trips, Dorothy appears to have traded them for black loafers.

9. Star Woes


Uh-oh! There are actually two things wrong with one specific Star Wars shot: Mark Hamill whiffs on his stunt kick while Boba Fett can be seen flying to his own peril in the background.