Bizarre, Somewhat Disgusting Stories About Celebs From Former Groupies

  • We all have our favorite bands, musicians, and actors that we would give anything to meet. It is a dream come true when we are invited to hang out with the band after a show. Meeting your heroes is a once in a lifetime event for most people. Some of those people even end up hooking up with those celebrities, and that creates some of the most unique and awkward stories you will ever hear. If you believe your heroes are normal, think again.Here are 12 of the most hilarious and awkward encounters groupies have had with their favorite artists.
    12. Creed

    Creed doesn’t have the best reputation as a band, and they are on many lists of the worst bands in the music industry. Despite what people say, Creed definitely has a lot of fans. One woman left her husband and three kids to follow Scott Stapp and crew around on tour.



    11. Quentin Tarantino

    Everyone who knows Tarantino knows about his foot fetish, and it can be seen in many scenes of his films. One woman met him at a party and went back to his place to make out. Pretty soon, Quentin asked if he could suck her toes while he pleasured himself.