The Most Bizarre, Obviously BS Celeb Rumors Ever

Like many of us, celebrities have to deal with people saying things about them on a daily basis. They have to deal with the scrutiny that comes along with being in the limelight.

In the entertainment world, any number of rumors follow a celebrity on a daily basis, some for years. It just comes with the territory. Some of the rumors are juicy, scandalous and jaw-dropping. Other rumors are downright bizarre, and outrageous, and in all honesty, pretty difficult to believe. However, some people feel the need to believe the rumors they see and hear anyway, regardless of the facts. Or, you know, common sense.

These rumors have stood the test of time, but if you really think about it, they’re completely nuts. Let’s start with …

12. Is Lorde Lying About Her Age?

In 2013, New Zealand singer Lorde gained commercial success and fame after the release of her single, “Royals.” Lorde was just 17 at the time that her song was quickly rising on the charts. Due to her distinctive, and older look, many people assumed Lorde was lying about her age, and was older than she claimed.

11. Gene Simmons’ Tongue Surgery

KISS member Gene Simmons is notorious for having an abnormally long tongue. Simmons’ tongue undoubtedly became one of his signature trademarks, especially for his alter ego, “The Demon.” Because Gene Simmons’ tongue wasn’t so ordinary, someone started a rumor that he surgically replaced his tongue with a cow’s tongue.

Come on.

10. What Really Happened To Lindsay Lohan’s Twin?

In the remake of The Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan had double the role as she was portraying twins. Many viewers of the film assumed that Lohan really had a twin sister that acted alongside her. They even came to the conclusion that her twin sister was murdered when it was discovered that Lindsay Lohan was the better actress.

Next up, a weird rumor about a famous sports figure.

9. Derek Jeter’s Gift To His Women

Former professional baseball player Derek Jeter has dated many famous women throughout his career. There have been a few tales about how Jeter treats some of his one-night stands. After sleeping with the women, Jeter would call a cab to pick them up. He’d then gift them with a signed baseball, and a gift basket full of Derek Jeter memorabilia.

8. David Beckham’s Expensive Sex Toy Purchase

Soccer star David Beckham supposedly gave his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, an extravagant gift. After the birth of their third child it was rumored that Bekham gave her a platinum dildo with a diamond encrusted base worth a hefty $1.8 million dollars. The Beckhams never confirmed nor denied the rumor.

Could a famous pop star be the reincarnation of someone else?