Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps

10. Tara Reid

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Tara Reid

Tara is an America actress and model who is known for landing a number of acting roles including California Dream, Scrubs, and Days of Our Lives. Her liposuction was a terrible accident not to mention her slightly-off body contouring and obvious breast implants. It would’ve been better off if she maintained her figure with a good old diet regimen and a series of workouts.

11. Amanda Lepore

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Amanda Lepore

Amanda is considered as one of the most known transgender celebrities in the globe. She underwent numerous surgical procedures to completely transform her face and body. These include several breast augmentations, waist-reduction, nose job, hip enlargement, silicone injections (lips), and a forehead lift. She even admitted to having her ribs broken just to achieve a smaller figure.

12. Bruce Jenner

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Bruce Jenner

Bruce is a television personality and an A-list transgender who made headlines worldwide last year. Since becoming a female (almost), he wanted to be called Caitlyn Marie Jenner. Prior to the transformation, he admitted having done multiple procedures on his face which included a tracheal reduction, facelift, and nose jobs.  Since officially declaring herself as Caitlyn, she had facial feminization surgery and breast augmentation — but no genital reassignment.

13. Tori Spelling

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Tori Spelling

Torri is an awarding winning American author and actress. She’s known for her role in the hit TV series, Beverly Hills 90210. One of her life’s mishaps involved an imperfect set of breast implants, which left her with oddly-shaped bosom along with an unfixable gap in between. Up until now, she’s still living with the consequences.

14. Lindsay Lohan

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay is an all-around American talent. She’s an actress, model, director, producer, singer, and songwriter. She owes her successful career to her popularity and exposure in Hollywood. But there was also a period when she took a free fall as she dabbed into legal troubles and substance abuse. Her lip enhancement is too obvious to ignore. And rumor has it she opted for cheek fillers too.

15. Michael Jackson

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Michael Jackson

Michael is a world-renowned singer-songwriter who still dwells in our hearts. He revolutionized the music and dance scene for more than forty years. His knack for altering his facial and body appearance frequently made him one of the most controversial figures in the American music industry. The King of Pop is said to have undergone hundreds of surgeries before his death.