Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps

Too many people nowadays have been going under the knife to alter their looks. The body image portrayed in today’s female celebrities is becoming a dangerous trend, especially when “looking young” is a priority. It’s hardly any surprise that celebrities have gone the surgical route to reconfigure their faces and bodies to their liking.

While plastic surgery has dramatically changed over the years in terms of innovative and scientific advancements, there are still celebrities out there who do a little too much or have suffered a major mishap on their first try. Here are examples of the unfortunate few that we wished would’ve never gone on the surgical table in the first place.

1. Goldie Hawn

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Goldie Hawn


Goldie is a widely known American actress, singer, producer, and director. She’s known for her appearance in a number of TV series and films including Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, Private Benjamin, Overboard, Bird on a Wire, Death Becomes Her, The First Wives Club, and Cactus Flower. Her post-surgical appearance in 2012 left the whole world in shock when her face took an ugly result. Fortunately, a follow-up surgery was done to correct the mishap.

2. Carrot Top

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Carrot Top

Carrot Top (aka Scott Thompson) is a comedian, producer, singer, and writer. He’s made in a number of appearances on TV shows such as Gene Simmons Family Jewels, Criss Angel Mind Freak, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, George Lopez, and Tugger. Carrot has been rumored to have had Botox injections, a brow lift, and a laser resurfacing procedure.

3. Janice Dickinson

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Janice Dickinson

Janice has a weird way of showing off her accomplishments. The former supermodel has been bragging non-stop on the number of cosmetic surgeries she’s had in the past. It would’ve been acceptable if the surgeries themselves have gone well. Clearly, this hasn’t been the case. Her botched surgeries included a facelift, tummy tuck, and a brow lift.

4. Joan Rivers

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Joan Rivers

Joan has been around the comedy block for a number of years. She’s the tough-as-nails-yet-ridiculously-funny stand-up and actress who doesn’t give a damn about what you think of her. She proudly claimed that she had more than 700 plastic surgeries done on her body. Sometimes, it makes everyone wonder if she’s actually playing around or being dead serious about it all.

5. Daryl Hanah

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Daryl Hanah

For years, Daryl seems to have never aged. She was a darling in a number of blockbuster films including Wall Street and Splash. She even looked astounding when she headline multiple appearances in the Kill Bill franchise years later. By 2010, many started noticing the changes in her face. Since then, fans speculated the changes may be attributed to plastic surgeries.

6. Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey

Jennifer broke through the entertainment industry when she took the role Baby in a popular 80s film. Oddly enough, many appreciate her natural beauty despite her larger-than-normal nose. But years later, she felt her nose didn’t do her too much good and decided to tone it down. She later admitted to having a rhinoplasty.

7. Katie Price

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Katie Price

Katie pushed herself to global fame going under the name, Jordan. She’s known for surgically enhancing her breasts and maintaining a near-perfect celebrity look. Her breast size was originally at 32B but decided to up the ante with 32DD years later. In addition, she had botox injections ever since her mid-20s (and continues to take them today).

8. Pamela Anderson

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Pamela Anderson

Pamela clearly belongs to the celebrity plastic surgery list with Janice Dickinson and Cher. While known for her attractive and youthful looks as well as having a sizzling and tight bod in Baywatch, no one was surprised when she made it a mission to maintain her young appearance. But that’s pure shame since we appreciated her natural beauty more than her surgical alterations.

9. Donatella Versace

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Donatella Versace

Donatella is the current leader of the Versace fashion empire. While she knows a lot about the latest fashion trends, it seems she knows little or nothing about faces. Just about every facial cosmetic procedure has been thrown at her. These include a facelift, cheek implants, filled eyelids, lip alterations, and a brow lift.

10. Tara Reid

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Tara Reid

Tara is an America actress and model who is known for landing a number of acting roles including California Dream, Scrubs, and Days of Our Lives. Her liposuction was a terrible accident not to mention her slightly-off body contouring and obvious breast implants. It would’ve been better off if she maintained her figure with a good old diet regimen and a series of workouts.

11. Amanda Lepore

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Amanda Lepore

Amanda is considered as one of the most known transgender celebrities in the globe. She underwent numerous surgical procedures to completely transform her face and body. These include several breast augmentations, waist-reduction, nose job, hip enlargement, silicone injections (lips), and a forehead lift. She even admitted to having her ribs broken just to achieve a smaller figure.

12. Bruce Jenner

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Bruce Jenner

Bruce is a television personality and an A-list transgender who made headlines worldwide last year. Since becoming a female (almost), he wanted to be called Caitlyn Marie Jenner. Prior to the transformation, he admitted having done multiple procedures on his face which included a tracheal reduction, facelift, and nose jobs.  Since officially declaring herself as Caitlyn, she had facial feminization surgery and breast augmentation — but no genital reassignment.

13. Tori Spelling

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Tori Spelling

Torri is an awarding winning American author and actress. She’s known for her role in the hit TV series, Beverly Hills 90210. One of her life’s mishaps involved an imperfect set of breast implants, which left her with oddly-shaped bosom along with an unfixable gap in between. Up until now, she’s still living with the consequences.

14. Lindsay Lohan

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay is an all-around American talent. She’s an actress, model, director, producer, singer, and songwriter. She owes her successful career to her popularity and exposure in Hollywood. But there was also a period when she took a free fall as she dabbed into legal troubles and substance abuse. Her lip enhancement is too obvious to ignore. And rumor has it she opted for cheek fillers too.

15. Michael Jackson

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Michael Jackson

Michael is a world-renowned singer-songwriter who still dwells in our hearts. He revolutionized the music and dance scene for more than forty years. His knack for altering his facial and body appearance frequently made him one of the most controversial figures in the American music industry. The King of Pop is said to have undergone hundreds of surgeries before his death.

16. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn is one of New York City’s known socialites. She’s notoriously known for having extensive surgeries, her nasty split with Alec Wildenstein, and her over-the-top lavish lifestyle. Her cosmetic mishaps that led to the ugly look include a chin augmentation, nose jobs, excess collagen, eyelid alterations, brow lifts, and cheek implants.

17. Victoria Beckham

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Victoria Beckham

Victoria aka “Posh Spice” for the former pop group, Spice Girls, admitted to having a breast enlargement more than fifteen years ago after shooting down rumors. By 2011, she requested to remove the implants since she felt they bulge out a little too much. So I guess it’s what she wants. What she really, really wants.

18. Dolly Parton

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Dolly Parton

Dolly is widely known her country music legend who’s also a singer-songwriter, author, actress, and a business owner. Right off the bat, it’s obvious she has gone under the knife multiple times. These include a breast augmentation, an eyelid job, fat grafting, rhinoplasty, multiple facelifts, and Botox fillers. Despite all that, she still looks amazing for her age.

19. Janet Jackson

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Janet Jackson

Janet, a tenth member of the famous Jackson family and a critical member of the Jackson 5, has gone under the knife multiple times in her career. But those surgeries weren’t as horrendous as that of her siblings, Latoya and Michael. A long-standing rumor says she had her nose done when she was sixteen and is consistently taking Botox over the years.

20. Latoya Jackson

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Latoya Jackson

Latoya is known for being the fifth member of the popular Jackson family (his sibling, Michael, was the eighth). Like her controversial brother, she went under the knife and admitted to having her face done. These procedures include cheek implants, chin implants, and multiple nose jobs. Rumor has it she could on for another plastic surgery.

21. Madonna

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Madonna

Madonna has insisted over the years that she never participated in any plastic surgery. But the rumor mill says otherwise. Experts are saying she had Botox injections on the crows lines and forehead area. At the same time, they believe she had a facelift, and a fat transfer or collagen to bring back her facial volume.

22. Meg Ryan

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Meg Ryan

Meg is an American actress who has bagged a number of awards for her performance in Top Gun, When Harry Met Sally, Saving Private Ryan, and other romantic films. Once a sweet face in the entertainment industry, pressure from Hollywood and the effects of aging prompted her to go under the knife. Her procedures include lip implants, Botox injections, and lip implants.

23. Renee Zellweger

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Renee Zellweger

Renee, an American actress, and producer who has bagged numerous awards over the years, was known for her main role in Bridget Jone’s Diary films (and countless others). Experts are saying she may have gone under the knife to eradicate hanging fats from your upper eye areas, which may have led to her current Euro-like appearance.

24. Paris Hilton

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Paris Hilton

Paris is an American socialite, model, TV personality, and a businesswoman. Born in New York but raised in both New York and California, she started modeling as a teenager for Trump Model Management (Donald Trump’s modelling agency). Her current facial features have been attributed to a number of plastic surgeries which include Botox injections, nose jobs, and several others facial alterations.

25. Li’l Kim

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Lil Kim

Li’l Kim is American rapper and model who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Her heavy influence from actress/singer Diana Ross, MC Lyte, and The Lady of Rage prompted her to freestyle rap, which caught the attention of the late Notorious B.I.G. in 1995. Her looks definitely scream multiple cosmetic surgeries which included cheek implants, a nose job, and lip injections.

26. Melanie Griffith

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith is an American actress who rose to fame for her critical role in Brian De Palma’s Body Double, which won her Best Supporting Actress from the National Society of Film Critics Award. But what’s not noteworthy is her sudden change in appearance. It would seem as if she Botox lip injections and an eyelid lift is done to contribute to her new look.

27. Cher

Batch 2- Biggest Celebrity Plastic Surgery Mishaps- Cher

Cher is an American singer and actress known for her signature contralto singing voice as well as her experience in other areas in the entertainment industry. The Goddess of Pop was one of the first celebrities in Hollywood to make plastic surgery a trend. She went from a natural look to a tightly tormented face. Without makeup, her face would reveal years of skin cuts and over stretching.

Seeking to preserve their youthful look and glow, many of today’s Hollywood A-listers are spending a ridiculous amount of money and time going under the knife. While a majority have come out unharmed, there have been plenty of cases where a simple procedure turned into an irreversible nightmare. This is an unfortunate trend celebrities are bringing to the table since it could influence today’s generations to do the same to achieve that “perfect” appearance they’ve been longing for. The list mentioned clearly indicates cosmetic surgery at is worst and if there’s any consolation for its victims — there isn’t any. You either live the consequences in public or disappear in the face of the Earth. Either way, plastic surgery has its pros and cons so it’s a risk worth thinking about.

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