The Best Looking Policewomen From Around The World

Defending people from the predations of criminals is hard, dangerous work, and work which demands respect. Women looking to join law enforcement to do some good in their community have a bit of an uphill battle in the respect department, especially if they’re attractive. It’s unfair, but it exists.

Let’s take a look at women around the world who are dedicating their lives to protecting innocent people within their countries and at the same time, looking great while they do so.

We advise you use real caution if you run afoul of any of these ladies. Their beauty doesn’t mean they’re any less tough!



12. Sweden

Sweden is a relatively peaceful nation with fairly minimal problems with crime, but their police must be able to swim 150 meters doing the breaststroke and be able to pull someone out of water when that person is drowning. Swedish police are also armed and carry a gun as a standard issue piece of equipment.